Who is your second shooter? Is a second shooter needed?

I probably get this question the most! Second shooters are not required, but they CERTAINLY are valuable. Second shooters are there to capture any moments I am too busy to get, and also capture the big moments from a different perspective! They make the whole day go by a lot smoother in general. As far as WHO my second shooter is, that just depends! There are about 5-6 photographers I trust to shoot a wedding with me! I will pick one about a month or two in advance based on their availability. Once I pick one, you’ll be the first to know who it is!

Do we receive all of the photos?

Yes and no. You will receive all of the photos you will WANT to see. Any photos that are not delivered are test shots to correct camera settings, blinking or missed focus photos. You don’t want those. Promise.

When will we receive the photos?

My turnaround time is between 6-8 weeks! It really just all depends on how busy of a season it is. If your wedding falls during a time when I don’t have many weddings, you can expect your wedding photos a lot sooner than 8 weeks. But don’t worry, you will see SO many previews along the way. I like to post a small preview gallery within a week after the wedding!

Do we get the RAW images too?

Nope. Here is why! 

If I delivered all of the RAW images, you would be so disappointed. I leave out the photos where people have double chins, or are mid-sentence, or simply look awkward. Trust me, you do NOT want to see those! I will be showing the photos that ARE flattering, where your eyes are open and the photo is in focus. I will deliver everything that is WORTH delivering!

What is an engagement session and why is it important?

I love this question! An engagement session is the perfect way for me to get to know you two and see how you two are in front of the camera before the wedding day. Every couple is different. Some couples don’t need guidance at all, and some need a lot. Weddings are fast paced and can be a little hectic, so it takes a bit longer for me to observe and cater to you if we have not worked together before. Couples typically use these photos for their engagement announcements, Save the Dates, guestbooks and wedding decorations! Win/win situation right?!

Do you travel for weddings?

UH, YEAH. I love to travel! I have traveling fees that are added to your customized wedding package. Please inquire for more information about this!

How will we receive our photos? USB?

Nope! You will receive your photos through this AWESOME online gallery that allows you to download all of the high resolution photos straight to your computer or hard drive! It’s really super cool. This gallery will make your life so much easier after the wedding. You will have SO many people asking you for photos of this and that. Just simply send them the gallery link and let them download the photos themselves! There is also an online store you can buy prints from through this gallery site. Get your prints delivered right to your door! How cool is that?